Myeloma Mentor Lisa B.

Lisa B.

Initially Diagnosed:

MGUS 28, MM 30, Remission 30, Relapse 35

Current Diagnosis:

Remission & Maintenance Therapy

Treatments Received:

Revlimid, Velcade, Pomalyst, Kyprolis, dexamethasone, Autologous SCT, Pomalyst

Lisa was diagnosed with MGUS at age 28—discovered during a routine physical exam showing high protein levels in her bloodwork, but she was otherwise asymptomatic. After 18 months, MGUS developed into multiple myeloma, requiring immediate treatment at age 30. Dealing with cancer at such a young age was shocking, challenging, and unrelatable/lonely, but with a strong support system, cancer mentors, great doctors/treatment, the MMRF, a positive outlook, education, faith and perseverance she reached complete remission after transplant and lived a very 'new normal' life, still able to balance career, life, and her condition. Lisa relapsed after about 5 years, but her condition is currently stable. Lisa wants to help other cancer patients by mentoring, sharing experiences, and offering resources, but most importantly helping them realize they are not alone.