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Multiple myeloma patients still need new, innovative treatments to advance potential cures.

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It’s vital that we continue to drive the development of novel therapies, so that myeloma patients can benefit from the most important advances in cancer treatment. We do this by investing directly in early-stage biopharma companies with promising technologies and conducting clinical trials that evaluate novel treatment approaches.

Myeloma Investment Fund® (MIF®)

This is the MMRF’s venture philanthropy subsidiary. It invests in promising companies with innovative clinical assets and technologies that could be transformative for myeloma patients.

The Myeloma Investment Fund® collaborates closely with its portfolio companies to help them advance their multiple myeloma programs and improve their probability of success. This evergreen fund is supported entirely by philanthropy; all financial returns are reinvested back into the fund until there is a cure for every patient.

Multiple Myeloma
Research Consortium® (MMRC®)

The Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium® (MMRC®) is a collaborative network of leading myeloma treatment centers that conduct early-stage clinical trials to evaluate novel treatment strategies for patients. This collaborative network drives ambitious clinical studies that simply could not be done by any single institution given their size and complexity. We focus our efforts on advancing innovative treatment approaches in the highest areas of unmet clinical need for patients, including relapsed/refractory, high-risk newly diagnosed, and high-risk smoldering myeloma.


The MMRC® has opened nearly

100 Phase I and Phase II clinical trials

MMRC®-supported trials have contributed to the

FDA approvals of several myeloma treatments

such as Kyprolis, Pomalyst, Empliciti, Xpovio, and Sarclisa

Results from MMRC®-supported trials led to the use of

standard of care triplet regimens

such as RVD and KRD

Patient tissue (bone marrow) samples from the MMRC® tissue bank were used to

sequence the myeloma genome

for the first time

For More Information on Clinical Trials

(Myeloma – Developing Regimens Using Genomics)

MyDRUG is a groundbreaking clinical trial program that is testing multiple new treatments for patients with high-risk multiple myeloma. It is evaluating treatments that are targeted against specific genomic alterations within the myeloma cells.

The scientific hypothesis for the MyDRUG clinical trial came out of our CoMMpass Study, which has generated the largest myeloma genomics database openly accessible to researchers across the globe.

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