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Finding a Cure for
Multiple Myeloma

The MMRF is the largest nonprofit in the world solely focused on accelerating a cure for each and every multiple myeloma patient.

Our Approach

We drive the development and delivery of next-generation therapies, leverage data to identify optimal and more personalized treatment approaches and empower myeloma patients and the broader community with information and resources to extend their lives. Central to our mission is our commitment to advancing health equity so that all myeloma patients can benefit from the scientific and clinical advances we pursue. Since our inception, the MMRF has committed over $600 million for research, opened nearly 100 clinical trials, and helped bring 15+ FDA-approved therapies to market, which have tripled the life expectancy of myeloma patients.


Raised for research


Clinical trials


Drugs brought to market


Increase in life expectancy

Strategic Objectives for the MMRF

The priorities in our strategic plan will guide the next five years of our work

Pyramid diagram showing new therapies, personalized treatments, and access for all promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and health equity.

New therapies—Accelerate their development

We invest directly in early-stage companies and sponsor clinical trials to speed the development of novel treatments. In addition, we are committed to increasing access to clinical trials — making them more diverse and inclusive.

Personalized treatments—Drive optimal approaches

We advance optimal and more personalized treatments for each patient. We develop robust data sets and invest in targeted research to assess the best approaches for tailoring treatments based on each patient’s individual characteristics.

Access for all—Empower patients and our community

We increase access to high-quality education and support for the entire myeloma community to improve care and outcomes. We focus particularly on developing partnerships to improve outcomes for all patients, including historically underserved patient populations.

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